Top 10 reasons why…

As connoisseurs of both, we’ve compiled the top ten reasons why Wine and Travel are perfect gifts.

Have wine; will travel!
Have wine; will travel!

#1.  Gifting a great bottle of wine tells that special someone that you want to spend an hour or two with them; gifting an incredible trip tells that same person you want to spend days or weeks away alone.

#2.  Wine lasts forever getting better with age; shared travel memories last a lifetime, becoming more precious with time.

#3.  Italy, France, South Africa, New Zealand….all make outstanding wines.  Not surprisingly, they also make incredible travel destinations!  Coincidence, we think not.

#4.  Uncorking a bottle of fine wine tells the brain that it’s time to slow down, take a deep breath and savour the goodness that life has to offer.  Opening a Niche Travel envelope tells the brain the same thing!  Doing these two things simultaneously is optimal.

#5.  Buying a bottle of wine for yourself is nice; receiving a surprise bottle from someone you love – one you’ve been eager to try – is wonderful.  Ditto for travel.

#6.  Nobody ever bemoans the money they spend on wine or travel.

#7.  Wine has a way of inspiring conversation, laughter, poetry and uninhibited creativity.  Travel has a way of inspiring great conversation, rolling laughter, dreamy poetry and uninhibited rest and relaxation.

#8.  A glass of wine per day has been proven to add years to your life.  Travel has been proven to add life to your years.

#9.  Given time to open up, rest and breathe – wine blooms for our enjoyment.   Travel uncorks us…

#10. When the wine has been consumed and the bottle is empty there remains a lingering taste in the mouth and warmth in the belly.  Similarly, the enjoyment of a great vacation is never restricted to the time away….upon return the fond memories leave lasting impressions of a life well lived.

If you are ready to make it happen, call the Experts at Niche Travel.  We know what you’re thirsty for.